Professional Website Design, It’s Easy When You Know How!

You know what you want, you can see it in your mind’s eye. Now it’s time to actually put your website design down on paper. But you’re wondering where to start. How do you go about professional website design. To be honest it’s not black magic and here are some easy steps to follow.

Planning your website design

First off you should decide on the purpose of your website. That may sound simple but what you want your website to do will affect the design. For instance an informational website will look and behave totally differently from a product or shopping website. So write out the purpose and objectives for your website before you do anything else.

An informational website will be heavy on text, articles and advice so it will be important to keep the navigation easy for your visitors. A branding or corporate website will be heavy on graphics and should include the logos and branding style of the company. A product website should concentrate on simple navigation so that the visitor can easily find the product that they are looking for. This is the basis of professional website design

Choose simple website design

Now that you know what your website is going to do, putting together your website design just got a lot easier. It’s important that your website design is kept simple and uncluttered. You may think it looks cool to have a lot of flash video, graphics, pop-ups, rotating banners etc but these can take time to load (by which tine your visitor has already left) and make it difficult to work out what to do! If they can’t navigate around and take the actions that you want them to then your website design has failed. You’d be amazed at the number of product websites that have a shopping cart, but no way to check out!

It’s best to start out really simply and many professional websites are clean, easy to navigate and seem to draw you into the actions they want you to take (such as contacting you for further information). Navigational links are best set up as text so that your visitors know where they are going. If you do use images, make sure they have text associated with them, you don’t want your visitors guessing where they need to go next. You can always add images, animations and video later. That’s the joy of designing and building your own website, it’s always a ‘work in progress’!

Making it easy to get around

I can’t emphasis this enough. There’s nothing more frustrating that having to work out how to navigate a website. Most people read from left to right so ideally you’ll place your navigation on the left or right hand sides of your website. Most professionally designed websites do this and for a good reason! If you plan to target languages that read other than left to right, adding links at the top of the website will help with navigation. Some websites put their navigation links at the bottom of the site. Yuck! This forces your visitors to scan the whole page and scroll down to the bottom to find where to go next.

Good professional website design should allow your visitors to reach any page on your website in 3 clicks or less. Don’t force them to click and click and click just to get to what they want. Think your website is too large or complex? Even some of the largest sites in the world achieve this. If you’re not convinced, take a look at Amazon or Ebay. A large part of their success is in making it easy for you to find what you want, and take the action they want you to.

Give your visitor what they want

When visitors are on your website, don’t be afraid to tell them what to do, or what to do next. Act like a shop assistant and help them make the decision you want them to make. And when they’ve made it, make it really easy to take the action you want them to. Good professional websites such as Amazon and Ebay both have a one click action button to make the action they want you to take as easy as possible.

Don’t trust to luck, test your website

When you have your professional website design all put together you’ll need to build it and publish it to the internet. Then you should have a few friends, colleges or employees go through your website to make sure it loads quickly, is easy to follow and there are no broken links. Do not skip this step! Just imagine how frustrated you’d be if the link to your shopping cart was broken and you’d made no sales! Now you can build your professional website!

Steve Dolan is an IT professional of 30 years who designs and builds website for a living. Click on Design a Website to find out more info and Website Design Secrets for a free report. Try out Hosting and Domains

professional website
Image by Stephen Burch
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Like the #EspressoMonday episode last week, this episode goes in-depth with one question. It is still about clients. This time, however,we will be talking about long-term and short-term clients as well as the difference between a professional and professionally-looking website. Sounds interesting? Grab your cup of coffee and learn precious nuggets in just a few minutes.

Free website builders are one of the woes a professional web designer or developer faces. These “free” web services have beautiful pre-designed templates which allow you to create a beautifully-looking website in a matter of minutes. It can even make a non-web designer look like a professional with hundreds of templates to choose from and easy installation process. Or does it really? So….
What do you do with “free” web services, like WIX or Weebly, which claims that anyone can build a professional website for no cost?

Why pay a thousand dollars for a website design when you can have one for free? Why should I pay that much? Isn’t it easy to design a website?

These are oftentimes the questions web designers/developers face from clients and critics alike. Questions that seem to mock or belittle the effort and value you put into your website design. The question is reminiscent of the parable of the 0 nail which you will soon read here at one of our future articles.

Like the carpenter in the parable, you don’t need to turn tail and run. Instead, you should be able to clearly communicate to your clients the value of what you’re doing because once they understand it, how much they invest won’t be a problem anymore. Never mind the critics. And before we completely digress from the topic, here are some tips and pointers to address our question for this week.

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Finding the Right Professional Website Builder for Your New Business

When you’re beginning a new business online, you want to create a website that will be professional and recognizable. Finding the best professional website builder will help you develop the perfect website to represent you and your business.

Why use a website builder? Using a website builder saves you money by combining numerous features of a traditional website program into one easy to use program. Website builders are also easy to use. They offer you a way to build a professional presence online without the need of knowing alot of technical stuff or html.

When choosing a professional website builder, remember to consider the following features which are must-haves when building a professional web presence for your business:

Domain names and hosting- Does the website builder have the capability to provide you with a domain name, or will you have to go to another source to purchase the name you want? A better website builder will have the ability to sell you the domain name and host the website once it is built. If you have to purchase the domain name and hosting separately, it will end up costing more in the long run.

Newsletters, auto responders, and message boards- If you’re going to be selling products on your website, you’ll want a way to communicate with your customers. You can do this in a number of ways. Create newsletters to announce sales, use an auto responder to automatically give them further pre-planned information, or allow them to tell you what they think in a message board. A professional website builder platform will allow you to do this, and much more.

Catalogs and coupons- You have a physical catalog that you can mail to potential customers. Wouldn’t it be better to have one online, as well? Choose a professional website builder that allows you to create a virtual store on the web. And, if you really want to impress your customers, throw in coupons for additional savings. They’ll appreciate the savings, which may mean more repeat sales.

Shopping cart- When someone is interested in a product on your site, you’ll need to have a shopping cart for them to place that item. Choosing the right professional website builder will provide this function. If the builder you’re looking at doesn’t provide this, you might want to look elsewhere.

Templates and image libraries- Some website builders have templates that you can use, and some even provide some images that you can add to your site. However, a really good professional website builder will have more than just a few. Look for a builder that has over 300 templates and 2,000 images available to you. The more templates and images you have available, the better to create just what you have in mind.

24/7 Support- Most importantly, when you’re starting a new online business, you want to be sure that you’re able to contact someone if there’s a problem with your site. Check to be sure that the website builder you choose has free support around the clock.

Keeping the above features in mind when choosing a website builder will help you to choose the right professional website builder for your new business.

Erica Brooks operates http://www.brookswebsolutions.com and publishes A Woman in Business offering hundreds of resources to help you to start and grow your home based business. For a free home business guide Your Perfect and Profitable Business join http://www.awomaninbusiness.com/news.html

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Image by Lena Nicholson Photography

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Professional Website Design Company – No Substitute for Experience

I recently had lunch with a friend who spent most of the afternoon complaining about the lack of traffic on her website. Since she was aware that I had a basic working knowledge of web design and web design issues, she asked me what I thought she should do to increase both her exposure and her SEO (Search Engine Optimization) ranking. After reviewing the site at length and taking copious notes over the course of several consultations, I observed several common design errors that may or may not be responsible for her website problems. My conclusion was that she was in desperate need of the services of a professional website design company.
Professional Website Design Company – Give the Problems to the Pros
One of the first things that I observed on her site was that it took quite a long time to load. This is because she had insisted upon the use of several large images on her home page. Although these images and professional graphics can be eye-catching and aesthetically pleasing, the main idea behind websites (and the main component searched for by search engines) is the content. Content should make up the majority of your pages, and this content should be not only relevant but also interesting and informative. As I reminded my friend, the objective is not only to entice visitors but to keep them interested long enough to remain on the site and explore other pages. While it is true that content should include both text and images, the use of large images with high resolution should be limited. A professional website design company will have the knowledge and training required to create the perfect balance between content and images.
Professional Website Design Company – Getting Rid of the Garbage
Another problem which I observed on her site (as well as on many others), is the use of oversized advertisements. Although I understand the need for advertising on the web, site owners must be aware that too many ads can discourage visitors, especially when they obscure the main content. Too many links will also have a negative effect on website. When using a list of links, it is a good idea to explain why they are included in the list and how they are relevant. A professional website design company will be able to help limit the use of unnecessary links and unwanted ads.
The experts at Pixon Design, Inc. have developed an excellent reputation for being an exciting and innovative professional website design company. Pixon has developed sites for companies in various industries worldwide, with website designs considered to be of superior quality. Exemplary customer service and competitive pricing are additional advantages to using Pixon. I have recommended them many times, and they always deliver. I am happy to report that Pixon helped my friend revamp her site and her traffic has risen dramatically. For more information, log onto http://www.pixondesign.com.

Angela Bell is an independent consultant who writes articles about website design as well as a variety of other topics.

So You Want to Shoot a Rock and Roll Star
professional website
Image by Thomas Hawk
One of my favorite types of photography is concert photography. I’m not sure why, but music is one of the only things that comes close to photography for me personally in terms of art that I enjoy consuming the most. So when the two collide it creates a super powerful way for me to enjoy my favorite bands.

Concerts especially hold special memories for me. Watching Jerry Garcia and the Dead play Sugar Magnolia, that super hot tight Caterpilar t-shirt that made me fall in love with Kim Deal from the Pixies at the Ventura Theater in 1988, Holding Exene Cervenka’s hand at the edge of a stage at the Palace in Hollywood. Social D at Fender’s Stardust Ballroom in Long Beach.

But before I digress into a long endless rambling stream of all the great bands I’ve ever had the good fortune to see, let’s get back to the topic of hand. Concert photography.

In general, with most reasonably well known bands and artists you are not allowed to just shoot them with DSLRs at concerts. Most artists and their managers try to maintain a certain amount of control over their high quality images and especially the commercialization of these images. And so most venues that you see major acts at will have no photography policies. Most of the time it’s pretty easy to smuggle in a little point and shoot or camera phone. And most of the time bands don’t really care about these point and shoot type images. These pictures almost always end up on fan sites, MySpace, photo sharing sites and the like and are generally not commercially viable images of a band.

High grade professional DSLR systems and lenses though are another story. And these are the cameras that typically are not allowed into most concerts. With a little work ahead of time though I’ve found that most concerts are actually reasonably easy to shoot. The key is to obtain permission ahead of time and get a photo pass. Once you get a photo pass you pretty much have carte blanche to shoot most shows, although I’ll mention some limitations later in this article.

Before obtaining a photo pass for a show the first thing is to understand why they are given out. The reason why Rolling Stone gets a photo pass and the general photography hobbyist doesn’t is that most artists (and even more so their managers) would *love* to see a nice big double page photo spread of their act in Rolling Stone. What they don’t want to see is someone selling "official" posters of their band on eBay without their permission. But it’s not just Rolling Stone that gets the photo pass. These days bands are looking for exposure and publicity anywhere they can get it. This means magazines, newspapers, websites, blogs, etc. So the number one thing to remember when trying to get a photo pass is that bands and their managers basically are looking for some type of publicity in exchange for giving you the photo pass.

In my case I use my blog. My blog has reasonably decent readership and I can point to my blog stats, or technorati rank or Google Page Rank, etc. and say that I want to cover their act for my blog (which I do).

But what if you don’t have a blog (by the way, you should think about starting one if you don’t)?

There are lots of other outlets for you to still give a band publicity. In college I covered concerts frequently for my college newspaper. Even if you are not on the newspaper staff, if you are student consider contacting the arts and entertainment editor, let them know you’d like to shoot a show and write a review and see if they would be interested in letting you cover it for them. Same goes with local arts papers, and especially music blogs.

A while back a friend of mine (who is an amazing photographer) wanted to try to get in to shoot a Depeche Mode concert. I told him to go ahead and use my blog to try and get the photo pass and that we’d publish a write up and photos of the show on my blog afterwards. Lots of music blogs especially are looking for good band coverage and content. Google the name of the band you want to shoot with the word "blog" next to it and check out some of the blogs that come up. Chances are these might be fans of the music and then email them and say, hey, XYZ band is coming to my town, I’m a fan and was wondering if you would be interested in a short write up and a photoset to publish on your blog of the show. Chance are a blog might be interested in this and then you can contact band management saying that you would like to cover the band for this publication and site their statistics, etc.

So now that we’ve established why people get photo passes. Lets talk about who to ask for them. In general, most acts have management. It’s your job to find their management representatives. Sometimes this is easy. You just go to the band’s website and they have a contact us section. Other times you have to work a little harder. The band’s record label is typically the best place to start. There is almost always one to four people whose job are to deal with these things at record labels for specific acts. I typically find their email addresses pretty easy. It’s best to send your email request to multiple people if you can. So if you find the PR person for the band and you also have their assistant’s email cc them as well. You can also write people that run blogs or fan sites dedicated to the band and ask if they know who you should contact, etc.

Once you have this email address you’ll want to make your pitch to the band’s management. Things that they are looking for. Number one and most important, again, is publicity. Number two is that you are doing this for non commercial purposes.

It will also help if you state that you don’t use flash with your photography. It’s good to mention that you are a fan of the artist. And then show in the email representative samples of your work. Include links to other bands that you’ve photographed, other music reviews you’ve written, etc. If you’ve never shot a band before this will be harder, but even here, try to go see any band, even a very small one at a club that welcomes photography, in order to get some decent band shots that you can share with the management. It will help if they can see that the quality of your work is high.

I also let the band and management know that they can feel free to use any of the images that I take. I don’t think you have to offer this, but I think it’s a nice gesture. Personally I like sharing my work so this is not much of a problem for me.

So after you go through this process there is a good chance that band management will issue you a photo pass. If they balk at issuing you the photo pass (which generally includes free admittance) tell them that you’d be happy to buy a ticket but just want the pass to go with it. Chances are if you are nice and reasonable and are in contact with the right person you will get it.

Now once you get the photo pass also be sure to ask for the name and cell phone number of a contact who will be there at the show that evening. This is important because sometimes screw ups happen and your name does not end up on the list and you can reference this person and call them to come help you out. Also be sure to bring ID to the show to get the photo pass. You might also want to print out the email giving you approval, just in case you need to show this to the person at the door.

Typically once you have a photo pass you have carte blanche to shoot the entire show. Arrive early and get near the front of the stage for the clearest view. Make room for your backpack and camera gear on the floor and wait for the show to start and start shooting. If you can get actually right at the stage it’s helpful as well because you can use the edge of the stage to set your lenses on when you change them, etc.

Be mindful of the other people enjoying the show. Don’t hold your camera up high or obstruct their view. Keep your arms tightly to your body when you shoot to minimize the obstruction of others. Get lower to shoot up. And once you fire off enough shots that you are happy with consider leaving the front of the stage to give others that spot and allow you to shoot different perspective shots from further back.

Some larger bands will have a three song rule. These bands oftentimes also have an actual photographer’s pit in front of the stage. What this means is that you can shoot away as much as you want for the first three songs but after that you can’t shoot anymore. You will likely be told if this is the case when you get the photo pass. If this is the case too you’ll be moved from the photo pit after the first three songs.

Finally, after you’ve photographed the band, make sure to follow up with band management thanking them and sending them a link to your photos and your coverage. Also consider sending the link to any fan sites for the artist as they will likely want to share your photos as well.

Another thing to keep in mind is that shooting bands at concert venues is not the only way to get shots. Also consider open public concerts and especially free concerts. Typically open public concerts like the New Orleans Jazzfest (where I shot Bob Dylan) or Jefferson Starship’s concert in Justin Hermann Plaza in San Francisco, New York’s Central Park, etc. give you more flexibility in getting your DSLR in without any type of approval at all. Also consider industry events. I got my Killer’s and Pussycat Dolls shots at Microsoft’s party at CES in 2006. Bands frequently play for industry events and there is more flexibility in getting your camera into these events.

Also if you can’t get through to management of a big act, consider trying to contact the management of the opening act. They may be easier to get a hold of and be able to get you a photo pass that you can then use to continue shooting the bigger act later.

To see a set of various concert photography I’ve done you can click through here. To see specific band sets you can click through with the names below.

Robyn Hitchcock and the Venus 3
Bob Schneider
The Killers
Josh Ritter
Pussycat Dolls
Jefferson Starship
The Strokes
Mary Lou Lord
Bob Dylan


Professional Website Design, Your Ultimate Guide

Are you planning to put up a website? Do you want a strong and professional online presence? If so, then you have to consider the fact that there are so many possible things you can do on the Web and setting up your website needs time, a lot of thought and the right resources. With the many options available for website design, it can at most times be confusing to create an attractive and professional website that reaches your goals. Here is a very useful guide that you can use so you can finally announce to the World Wide Web that you are in on cyberspace through professional website design.

1. Know what you want and know the message you want to convey.

With technology, we can actually do almost anything on our websites but putting all of everything can just confuse your audience and not get your message across. If you plan to set up a website that works for you, then you have to know first what you want to get across. So you want a serious looking website? Do you want to convey pure professionalism? Do you want a lively website? Do you want a website that exudes trust and confidence? Answering these questions can help you pinpoint your needs and your wants.

2. Always go for easy navigation.

One of the basic things you ought to consider when aiming for a professional website design is to always aim for easy and simple navigation. Your website design can be very complex but it can still be simple to navigate. Easy navigation makes your site user friendly and this is necessary if you want people to visit your site and be familiar with what you are offering.

3. Be clear with what you are and what you are offering.

Whether your site is for business or personal means, your website must always reflect what you actually are, what you represent and what you offer. If you sell certain products, then it should be clear that you use your site not only to sell these products but also to inform others on what they can benefit from these products. If you are offering services, make sure that somewhere in your site, people can know what these services are and how they can be availed. The key is to provide the necessary information while bringing attractive and professional website design.

4. Music, Sounds, Videos?

It can sometimes be quite a dilemma whether website owners should include videos, music or sounds to their websites. If you want professional website design, these add-ons can either be necessary or they can be burdens. If videos can add credibility to your product or services, then add them. But if they only slow down navigation and make internet users impatient, then you can let go of them.

5. Get a reliable professional website design company.

There are many cheap offers on the Web and they can either be of help to you or they can ruin you. If you will outsource your web design needs, then make sure you go for quality and not just the price. You have to remember that your website is your direct link to your market and you would not want to scrimp on web design if it will not just reach your goals.

Web Development Solutions . Malaysia Professional Website Design Services and Web Development Solutions.At i1WebSifu, we provide Superior Quality and World Class Website Design Solutions for your business needs. Be it dazzling websites and portals or customized software solutions, our team is trained and ready to fulfill your every need. Visit http://www.i1websifu.com

Aire..soñé por un momento..
professional website
Image by AlmaArte Photography
..que era aire
..oxígeno, nitrógeno y argón
..sin forma definida.. ni color.

Now Almaarte photography has a professional Website! ^_^

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Professional Website More Affordable Than Ever

Nothing makes people trust a company more than them having a professional website. Today, there are very few companies in existence that do not maintain some type of presence on the web. A professional website is a necessity for these companies. After all, anyone can build a website anymore, but if the site is anything but a professional website than people may start to lose confidence would could lead to lost sales which can be devastating for any company.

Website designing companies offer a professional website to anyone who is willing to pay their fees. The fees website designing companies charge are based on the amount of work that must go into the professional website, just like any other industry in the world. A professional website can be as simple or complicated as the customer wants. Sometimes, a customer wants just the basic informational site, very basic by design and easy for website designing companies to create thus the fees would be lower.

On the other hand, a professional website that must have functional parts, links and other concepts a website uses may cost much more as the amount of work that will go into it is great.

Website designing companies have professionals on staff that can create a professional website from a bare page. This knowledge has not come to these professionals cheap as many of them went to school for many years to attain such wisdom. So in turn, they expect to be paid for their services. It is important to note that website designing companies hire people who are constantly learning as new concepts, codes and features are invented and released. This is imperative for a professional in this field as they need to keep abreast of what is going on in the world around them to accurately build websites for people This continued education on the part of these professionals has lead to several innovations in web design and how the Internet works.

For a better grasp of what a web site designing company does, check out their web sites. Most times, these companies have constructed sample sites to help educate new customers on what is possible and what is best for them It helps the designer to know exactly what the customer wants and having a website for comparison makes the task all that much easier. This also aides the professionals in being able to provide an accurate quote on what the website will cost. As with most companies, watching the bottom line is very important and certain budgets are set for certain things. Therefore, they know how much money they have to spend to have a website constructed so it is important for them to be able to tell the website designer what they want in order to receive a price that falls within their budget.

When searching for a website designing company be sure to check with the BBB. They will give you the most accurate picture of how the company serves its customers and whether or not they have had any complaints lodged against them. If they do have complaints lodged against them then you know that they are not the company for you, because you do not want to waste money on a company that will not give you the service that you desire.

Kevin Dark is an online marketer. Find out more about webdesign companies directory.

“Professional Website”
professional website
Image by serdar
Premium placement for such a "professional".

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