Why It’s Beneficial To Work With A Professional Website Development Company

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As a business owner, it is very important for you to take all measures to ensure that customers keep coming back to you for more. With technology continually changing, it is a good idea to expand your business onto the Internet and onto mobile devices. Having your own website is one of the very best ways to get your name out there and to bring in a much larger crown in terms of clientele. This is why it might be a good idea for you to work with a professional website development company that can help you to make this dream a reality.

One way that this type of company will work for you is that they will be able to create, design and develop your entire website. Most business owners do not know a thing about creating their own website. The whole process can be confusing and frustrating to say the least. When working with a professional website development company, they will be able to take the reigns from you and create the entire website so that it fits the specific type of business that you own. You will be able to work closely with the company so that your own ideas can come through in terms of the website and the way that it both looks and functions.

Another key benefit to working with a professional company that deals with website design and development is that you know the finished product is going to look fantastic. Sure, there are many do-it-yourself website design programs that you can download and do on your own. The problem with these types of programs is that it’s difficult to get a website that looks professional, finished and organized. The website development firm you work with will be able to create a professional design for you that is highly unique and creative. Also, the company will make sure that the new website is also compatible with most mobile devices since many individuals now look at websites on their phones and tablets.

In general, having a professional website is one of the best ways to keep customers happy and satisfied. If the site is easy to navigate and provides them with the information that they need, this is going to help in terms of superior customer service being provided to the public. Instead of attempting to design and create a site on your very own, it might be a good idea for you to carefully choose a development company and then work closely with them to ensure that your own ideas are coming through into the site that they are building for you. You will be highly satisfied with the finished product once it is complete.

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How to Make a BUSINESS Website with WordPress - PROFESSIONAL!


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In this step-by-step video tutorial, I show you how to make a professional business website with WordPress using the free Spacious theme from Theme Grill. This tutorial is comprehensive and nothing is skipped so it should be easy to follow along, even for absolute beginners!

Things Covered in the Video:
0:00:00 Welcome Message
0:00:29 Bullet list of video contents
0:02:11 Complete walkthrough of what you’ll be creating
0:08:52 Setting up a domain name and hosting account with HostGator.com (Use wpsculptor1cent for 1 cent for your first month or use wpsculptor30 for 30% off your hosting order, Thank you for your support!)
0:14:42 Installing WordPress onto your hosting account
0:17:38 Logging into the backend of your WordPress site and taking care of some basic settings
0:21:58 Downloading and installing the free mobile friendly Spacious theme from Theme Grill
0:23:25 Creating pages
0:25:47 Creating navigation menus with drop down functionality
0:33:00 Specifying which page is your home page
0:35:02 Adding text and image content to your pages using the visual editor
0:37:45 Finding free high quality stock photos to use on your website
0:42:33 Making any text a link to another page using the visual editor
0:43:35 Adding a contact form to the contact page using a WordPress plugin
0:46:27 Using an image gallery plugin with a “lightbox” effect
0:50:10 Adjusting the image gallery thumbnail settings
0:52:26 Adding a YouTube video to your pages
0:53:42 Creating the “Copywriting” page with text and an image using the visual editor
0:55:23 Overview of Spacious theme options
0:56:09 Choosing a site layout width
0:58:04 How to potentially add a “favicon” to your site
0:58:55 Shout out to the optional Spacious Premium theme upgrade
0:59:33 Coming up with your own color scheme and using a free online resources to come up with color scheme ideas
1:00:43 Changing your website’s main primary accent color
1:01:52 Changing your website’’s background color
1:03:23 Creating a custom logo
1:12:44 Adding your logo to your site
1:13:48 Setting up the optional slideshow on your home page
1:15:50 Cropping your slide images
1:22:53 Discussing widgets and widget areas and adding several widgets to enhance the functionality of your site
1:24:13 Choosing between a right or left sidebar
1:27:29 Adding a Testimonial Widget to your sidebar
1:28:31 Adding a Featured Page widget to your sidebar
1:32:05 Adding 4 footer widgets
1:34:22 Setting up the contact page sidebar widget area
1:36:45 Setting up the home page utilizing the “Business Template”
1:40:02 Adding the Services Widget to your home page with professional icons
1:45:26 Adding a Featured Page Widget to your home page
1:46:04 Adding a Testimonial Widget to your home page
1:46:41 Adding a Call to Action Widget to your home page
1:48:04 Closing message and ways to say thanks 🙂

My HostGator affiliate link is: http://wpsculptor.com/hostgator

If you need web hosting, I highly recommend HostGator, I also receive a small commission if you use one of my coupon codes:

wpsculptor1cent gives you your first month of hosting for just 1 cent

wpsculptor30 gives you 30% off your entire hosting order (a better discount for people who want to purchase several months at once).

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Professional Website Design, It’s Easy When You Know How!

You know what you want, you can see it in your mind’s eye. Now it’s time to actually put your website design down on paper. But you’re wondering where to start. How do you go about professional website design. To be honest it’s not black magic and here are some easy steps to follow.

Planning your website design

First off you should decide on the purpose of your website. That may sound simple but what you want your website to do will affect the design. For instance an informational website will look and behave totally differently from a product or shopping website. So write out the purpose and objectives for your website before you do anything else.

An informational website will be heavy on text, articles and advice so it will be important to keep the navigation easy for your visitors. A branding or corporate website will be heavy on graphics and should include the logos and branding style of the company. A product website should concentrate on simple navigation so that the visitor can easily find the product that they are looking for. This is the basis of professional website design

Choose simple website design

Now that you know what your website is going to do, putting together your website design just got a lot easier. It’s important that your website design is kept simple and uncluttered. You may think it looks cool to have a lot of flash video, graphics, pop-ups, rotating banners etc but these can take time to load (by which tine your visitor has already left) and make it difficult to work out what to do! If they can’t navigate around and take the actions that you want them to then your website design has failed. You’d be amazed at the number of product websites that have a shopping cart, but no way to check out!

It’s best to start out really simply and many professional websites are clean, easy to navigate and seem to draw you into the actions they want you to take (such as contacting you for further information). Navigational links are best set up as text so that your visitors know where they are going. If you do use images, make sure they have text associated with them, you don’t want your visitors guessing where they need to go next. You can always add images, animations and video later. That’s the joy of designing and building your own website, it’s always a ‘work in progress’!

Making it easy to get around

I can’t emphasis this enough. There’s nothing more frustrating that having to work out how to navigate a website. Most people read from left to right so ideally you’ll place your navigation on the left or right hand sides of your website. Most professionally designed websites do this and for a good reason! If you plan to target languages that read other than left to right, adding links at the top of the website will help with navigation. Some websites put their navigation links at the bottom of the site. Yuck! This forces your visitors to scan the whole page and scroll down to the bottom to find where to go next.

Good professional website design should allow your visitors to reach any page on your website in 3 clicks or less. Don’t force them to click and click and click just to get to what they want. Think your website is too large or complex? Even some of the largest sites in the world achieve this. If you’re not convinced, take a look at Amazon or Ebay. A large part of their success is in making it easy for you to find what you want, and take the action they want you to.

Give your visitor what they want

When visitors are on your website, don’t be afraid to tell them what to do, or what to do next. Act like a shop assistant and help them make the decision you want them to make. And when they’ve made it, make it really easy to take the action you want them to. Good professional websites such as Amazon and Ebay both have a one click action button to make the action they want you to take as easy as possible.

Don’t trust to luck, test your website

When you have your professional website design all put together you’ll need to build it and publish it to the internet. Then you should have a few friends, colleges or employees go through your website to make sure it loads quickly, is easy to follow and there are no broken links. Do not skip this step! Just imagine how frustrated you’d be if the link to your shopping cart was broken and you’d made no sales! Now you can build your professional website!

Steve Dolan is an IT professional of 30 years who designs and builds website for a living. Click on Design a Website to find out more info and Website Design Secrets for a free report. Try out Hosting and Domains

professional website
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Here is the course I mentioned: http://rockingcode.com/ – it is The Ultimate 2015 Web Design Learning Course, where in 9 hours we will teach you how to Build Your Own WordPress Site – 100% Responsive & Flat – http://rockingcode.com/

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Like the #EspressoMonday episode last week, this episode goes in-depth with one question. It is still about clients. This time, however,we will be talking about long-term and short-term clients as well as the difference between a professional and professionally-looking website. Sounds interesting? Grab your cup of coffee and learn precious nuggets in just a few minutes.

Free website builders are one of the woes a professional web designer or developer faces. These “free” web services have beautiful pre-designed templates which allow you to create a beautifully-looking website in a matter of minutes. It can even make a non-web designer look like a professional with hundreds of templates to choose from and easy installation process. Or does it really? So….
What do you do with “free” web services, like WIX or Weebly, which claims that anyone can build a professional website for no cost?

Why pay a thousand dollars for a website design when you can have one for free? Why should I pay that much? Isn’t it easy to design a website?

These are oftentimes the questions web designers/developers face from clients and critics alike. Questions that seem to mock or belittle the effort and value you put into your website design. The question is reminiscent of the parable of the 0 nail which you will soon read here at one of our future articles.

Like the carpenter in the parable, you don’t need to turn tail and run. Instead, you should be able to clearly communicate to your clients the value of what you’re doing because once they understand it, how much they invest won’t be a problem anymore. Never mind the critics. And before we completely digress from the topic, here are some tips and pointers to address our question for this week.

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